Decentralized crowdfunding platform for Token economy with Escrow model on blockchain


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Our Story
BravoHub team members

We researched blockchain technology for almost 2 years and last year we won the Blockchain Hackathon as a Champion.

We saw a huge potential in the blockchain technology & funding industry but there exist many issues with the current crowdfunding model. One major problem is the high risk of fraud. A large number of ICO campaigns are subject to miscalculation or over exaggeration in terms of valuation and future success. Secondly, the accessibility of crowdfunding projects is becoming more restricted. Crowdfunding is only available in certain jurisdictions and different rules apply depending on the investor’s economic group. Thirdly, the commission taken by the platform and other third parties can de-incentivize everyone involved with the campaign. In fact, some crowdfunding organizations are taking as much as 30% of the raised funds. In general, there is no protection for the investors and any insurance for the money invested. The investment was based on belief and technical analysis. In case of ICO’s failure or scamming, the backers would lose all their investment.

Furthermore, many current platforms/websites are designed to work with ICOs. Some of them focus on posting information about the ICO or even provide a launch pad for the ICO project. However, after the conclusion of the ICO funding round, the startup teams have to prove their potential and the success rate without much help. Their strengths and weaknesses are deeply diagnosed, but lack of supportive input or positive feedback, whilst promising projects must queue up in a long waiting list of startups to approach the capital resource and expert advisors. Moreover, after a successful ICO, there is no such commission among the project team toward the investor community for the promised product. The reason may be objective since the team must face legal and business validation during their development phase. Many startups failed to prove their eligible activity and must step toward the refunding process and forced shutdown.

We addressed the concern of the investors in the scope of purchasing the future risk of an ICO, and issues related to transparency & immutability of the ICO rating and fund, as well as develop the mechanism to help users & experts to earn profits based on system development, peer review through incentivizing model. Therefore, a platform to gather the portfolio and rating system for ICO is always a high demand. This platform must contain the following objectives:

Firstly, we want to protect backers/ investors by multisig & DAO, its to be an ideal fundamental when it best demonstrates the democracy of the digital economy on the blockchain. It provides the investor's community an election mechanism to vote for continuing to support or shut down a project via locking the escrow wallet or refunding the token and withdraw money. This prevents total investment loss and averts scamming project to access the fund remnant at will.

Secondly, We want to create tools and resources that help blockchain and tokenized asset company bring their projects to life, bringing cryptocurrency liquidable, spendable; and connect people around caring for the health of blockchain ecosystem and integrity of its systems.

What's BravoHub?

The most trustful, convenient & economically
ICO Funding Platform for Token economy.

The Bravo Hub platform propose a revolution launchpad for ICO, which intents to solve the malfunctioning of traditional crowdfunding over the cryptocurrencies market and the weakness of the original DAO as well as enhancing trust within the crowdfunding ecosystem.

The system contains a unabridged board of ICO details. An escrow solution wallet with multisignature mechanism is encoded to store, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies in order to conduct the funding process and enable the indemnification. EachAn Ethereum based refund smart-contract compensates the investors in case of forced majeure circumstances with a computed rate. Last but not least, Bravo introduces a wide range of high competence level professional advisors, who would enhance all over aspects of the project, before and after the ICO.


BravoHub Website demonstration

Bravo Wallet & airdrop feature demonstration



Protect contributors and maintain motivation for project owners calling for ICO community funding, but moreover, protection and binding mechanisms are in place throughout the project life cycle.


Combined solution : BravoHub Milestone Financing + Blockchain Capital + Refund mechanism ( DAO voting model + Smart Contract + Regulate Contract)


BRAICO is a combination between Blockchain Reserve Asset and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

BRAICO helps to put more management standard for ICO projects, through BravoHub Platform, which propose Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) methodology to investor in efficiently way.

It allow both investors and ICO team can find balancing during startup process. Hence, BRAICO help investors to avoid risks and also motivate ICO team by guaranty stable fund during inconstancy market.

What's we hungry for?

We hope that the BRAICO will push back the scam ICO, fraud, bringing to the global crypto market and the blockchain industry next real ICO, for a truly sustainable goal.

Bravo Wallet

Multicurrency & multisig wallet

The Bravo wallet is a cross platform application that can be install to Android or iOS devices. The basic functionalities of the Bravo wallet include:

  • Manage investor’s fund
  • Easily send/receive and monitor transactions history
  • Quick sign transaction request from Multisignature wallet
  • Get instant messages everytime and everywhere.
  • Dynamic transaction fee
road map

Start project with BRAICO, work on ETHEREUM DAPP.

MARCH 2018

Close Alpha Bravo Wallet with multi-crypto and multisig-wallet launch on test-net.

APRIL 2018

Open Beta Bravo Wallet on main-net.

MAY 2018

Close Alpha version of Bravohub ICO platform launch on test-net.

JULY 2018

Close Beta Bravohub ICO platform launch on main-net.


Open Beta Bravohub ICO platform.


Partnership & Cross platform Intergration.


Crypto Financial Analysis.

APRIL 2019

Crypto & ICO review weekly report.
Real-time Fraud Monitoring


Internal Exchange.
Technical and Financial Audit

our partner
We will disclose our partner's identity soon
our team
  • MINH VOCo-Founder, CEO
  • TONY DOANCo-Founder, Managing Director
  • HAO ZHOUBusiness Development
  • NGHIA DOANBlockchain developer
  • HUYNH PHANBlockchain, Back-end developer
  • LINH TRINHBlockchain, Back-end developer
  • HIEN PHUNGMobile developer
  • THANG TRANFront-end developer
  • DENNIS POH WEI SONG Financial & Compliance consultant
our advisors
  • EDDY ABRAMOPrivate Equity & Investment Fund
  • PATRICK MANSFIELDFinancial Consultant